Tonbridge School
Giving Day Campaign
Tonbridge School
Giving Day Campaign

Aiming to create three films that felt distinct and stylistically engaging we worked with a couple of different DP’s over a few filming days, each bringing their own take to our vision. The result was a fleet of interview based films that are informative, heartfelt, and stylistic. We were thrilled to have been offered such creative freedom by our client, and feel like this reflects in the fun we were able to have in our edit.

We worked closely with the team at Tonbridge to focus on the stories of real people in the school community.

This years giving day campaign has raised half a million pounds and we’ve created 4 films that we, our clients and contributors are very proud of.

Our team for 2 of the shoot days. Harry as DP, Celia as Focus Puller and Seb as Director

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