we Foster meaningful relationships with the industry's freshest talent

We look to empower creatives within the industry

In addition to fostering relationships with emerging talent, we are passionate about empowering the freelancers we collaborate with. By providing opportunities for freelancers to showcase their unique talents and perspectives, through mentorship, support, and creative freedom, we aim to drive positive change in the industry.

community talks
community talks
community talks
community talks
community talks
We host a series of events for our freelance community and partners where each event offers a space to connect, learn, and amplify your voice.
August Picnic Meet Up
Making Moves + Movies
19:00 GMT
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We push for increased inclusivity and diverse creative communities

Our team have founded initiatives such as Making Moves and Queer Lens as we believe that championing diversity will not only enrich the creative landscape, but also contribute to a more vibrant, representative, and dynamic industry.

A little goes a long way

At Tiny we take responsibility for our sustainability. We are taking conscious steps towards making a difference, by making our shoots plastic- and paper-less and investing in various environmental projects around the world.
We are also striving to create an honest and collaborative environment for our creatives where every voice is heard.



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