Hundred Hills
Hundred Hills Winery

For this project we did 3 filming days at Hundred Hills, one in the summer to capture the tucking process, and vineyard being enjoyed by guests in the sun, and 2 in October to capture the autumnal colours as well as the harvesting and producing of the wines.

Celia and Isobel having a brief pause in the vines captured by Fisher Studios

Isobel was the producer on this project, she managed the clients, briefs, logistics and talent. Celia manned the cameras and took control of the creative.

In addition to the Hero film for their social media and website home pages, Stephen, Fiona and Amy from Hundred Hills were keen for 3 additional edits for their website. These edits were longer form, more narrative, focussing on a particular part of their process to creating these wines.

Prepping the vines on our first shoot in August
Tilly capturing the end card shot with our FS5 & a Manfrotto Slider

Absolutely amazing job everyone - we are totally thrilled with the results! A huge thank you!  We can’t wait to go live - Fiona Duckett, Managing Director

Setting up a top down shot

Thanks to all of you for all the hard work, the results look terrific and it’s been a pleasure to work with you - Stephen Duckett, Owner & Managing Director

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Our teams are often small. Small teams allow us to understand, capture and tell your story better. It's part of our Tiny by Name, Big by Nature ethos.

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