Pre-production is arguably the most important stage of working with you. This is where we work with you to establish what content we want to capture at your event. Once we’ve nailed down the creative, we will help you sort the logistics to bring the brief to life!


Whatever the event, we are unflustered and on the ball. Our agile teams are in the right place at the right time, making sure we don't miss the special moments.


Now we'll head back to our Tiny Studio and edit the footage into compelling content. We keep you in the loop as we edit and our collaboration platform allows you to leave feedback in our online video player.

We worked with NUCO Travel to film the Birmingham University Ski trip (Brumski). Showing off the best that NUCO and Tignes had to offer was a pleasure.
Absolutely fantastic! 
Aaron Rolph
Brand Manager
Utterly genius, pure talent, awesome from start to end... Tiny Studios is our go to for all Sunley Events - you will be blown away with the end result!
Casper Sunley, 
MD Sunley Events


Explore our portfolio of events that the Tiny team has worked on. Every event is approached differently, based on what we learn during the Discover phase. No two events are the same, so their videos won't be either.


We're excited to learn more about your project! Drop us an email and we will give you a call.

+44 207 349 7235
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